Are the Dead Worth Remembering?


The human mind is pretentious. We tend to take the living for granted. It has been a conventional way of assuming the fact that those who are still alive will continue to live the very next moment. The next day, week, month or year. And this is how the world has been governed for centuries together. But we don’t really know what will happen tomorrow.
For you and me, in the blink of an eye, everything can change. And what’s next?

This has prompted to direct our psyche to take a step forward to muse deeper and higher and a fresh look into the matter becomes highly essential. Look at the Catch Phrase below:

“Dead people receive more flowers than the living because the regret is stronger than gratitude” – Anne Frank’s Diary

The dead are meanwhile, glorified for they shall never come. We lose access to those persons’ thoughts and presence. There are numerous aspects connected to the lives of the dying. You will see them no more, hear their voice no more nor climb the mountains together or swim in the rivers anymore with you – IRREPARABLE!

So, here’s a voice that wants you to take the LIVING and the DEAD in equal perspectives.

Life is a beautiful lie indeed. And death is painful and feared most. Even an old lady ducks away from a speeding car.” Can you dare say,”Iám Lazarus come from the dead?”

While we are debating on the superiority of the living and the dead, a fragment of the world has gone forward on the eminence of Artificial Intelligence.


A computer can beat the World Chess Champion and also read voice commands on your smartphones, and that AI can make us immortal is still investigated. While Prof. Stephen Hawking had spelled it out that it could end the entire human race.

Predictions had shown that change is quickening and Artificial Intelligence would have taken the  whole Globe by 2050 for the good or for the worst ever!

Welcome to the Kamala Das Blog! image of Kamala Das

This blog about Kamala Das attempts to show that she had tasted almost all the recipes of love and the fragments that love can offer in her life. Her search for ideal love is of an extremist’s bearing because she even tried adultery which is antithetical to the modesty not only to the Nair Women but to every Indian woman of her time.

And, that she would have even journeyed beyond this life for the realization of her ideal is hghly presumable as well as perceptible. That she would have stolen the boon from Apollo’s Laurel Bower for achieving her end had Nature only permitted her is also a refreshing conclusion.

It is also undeniable that women writers, for centuries, have seen and emulated only the writings of male hegemony and the conceptuality that associates male dominance. kamala Das’ work in a way, deconstructs this trend as an upshot of the post-structuralist literature and gives a new shape to the growth especially in Indian English Literature.

Cracking Conventional Practices of Her Time

Kamala Das breaks the conventional practices of her time. She might not have necessarily felt the compulsion to do that but the ever rising fire in her open confession, and a bolder revelation about her body has set a driving force of curiosity and research beyond control. She is one of the forerunners who breaks the set boundaries of women in Indian cultures.

As cited, her extra open confession is a jump over the walls that fettered every Indian women in the past and gives a new shape of liberty and freedom.

Here’s a short video in her own voice about how she wrote a poem and her friend read it out before the Governor’s wife in her school days in London.


Women in her time were supposed to observe strict rules as every married woman was expected of. But to the sheer amazement of everyone, She cut her hair short and wore a shirt and trousers like boys only to add provocation and defiance from her own community. Truly, her behavior ignited a strong resentment and shame to her families and relatives.

The categorizers tell her to behave like a woman. They think her behavior smacks of a rebellion on male authority and chauvinism.

The works of Kamala Das have carved out a roadmap of investigation and the unprecedented nuances of Feminist leanings. It is in this perspective that this website is launched to vouchsafing researchers and fans of Kamala Das an exotic journey for a thriving experience.


Leave your valuable comments below and pass on the ravishing personality of this lady.


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